I'm starting to play with my new ! I'll use this thread to keep track of some notes as I go.

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The first steps are to get the Pine64 fork of rkdeveloptool installed on your host machine, per

I've extracted that into an AUR package in case your host machine is Arch:

DorianRudolph's pinenotes mentions that the stock u-boot won't let you dump partitions after the first 32MB:

Not sure if the u-boot on the device still has this problem, but it looks like it's been fixed upstream:

Presumably that means you don't need to hex-edit the u-boot from the device like described in pinenotes; instead you can just follow Pine64's instructions for building u-boot from source:

We're going to be cross-compiling on an x64 host, so don't forget to install your aarch64 toolchain:

$ sudo pacman -S aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc aarch64-linux-gnu-glibc aarch64-linux-gnu-binutils aarch64-linux-gnu-gdb aarch64-linux-gnu-linux-api-headers

And we're back! Next steps are to get adb working. The inscrutable steps to enable developer mode are here:

It's a bit buried in Dorian's instructions, but make sure that "Default USB configuration" is set to PTP before enabling USB debugging:

(Can see the above in this video:

After that, installing Magisk and using it to patch the boot partition worked according to the shell transcript:

Then compile the kernel! I chose the pgwipeout branch of the instructions:

Cross-compile from your beefy workstation. Let's see how long it takes!


Wow, 5 minutes! Computers are quite a bit faster than when I was compiling kernels for shits and giggles 20 years ago...

The next part of the instructions look like it's an either/or choice between Alpine and Arch, but it's not! We first have to install a small distro like Alpine into the /cache partition, since that provides gparted, which we need to repartition the PineNote's disk. So don't skip the Alpine section in the docs!

(See for more discussion)

Welp, I think we bricked it! Don't run "rkdeveloptool erase-flash" thinking that it will show you usage information... 😩

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